Nuisance Abatement

The DCC is working with several community organizations to address quality of life issues directly attributable to abandoned and distressed properties. Abandoned properties are not only eyesores, but contribute to crime, vermin and a decline in property value to surrounding homes. The DCC works with the community by providing investigative assistance and pro bono legal help to file civil nuisance abatement suits. These suits can result in court orders that require the owners of abandoned properties to take the steps necessary to return the property to a state of good repair.

Update: The DCC is continuing its work on filing several Civil Complaints with Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court.
Update: 2745 W. Grand River and 2763 W. Grand River are two examples of properties which have been impacted by the work of our Nuisance Abatement program. We contacted the owner Sam Kemerko and asked him either demolish the building or abate the nuisance. He agreed to demolish but he kept running into issues with cutting off the electricity and gas lines. There was a "State" interest in the building since it was on a State Highway, which meant that both Michigan and Detroit had to sign off on or approve the demolition. We contacted individuals from both departments and within a few months, the owner was cleared and the building was demolished.


Analytical Support

Currently, the DCC is providing Analytical Support to several government entities free of charge such as Detroit Fire Department & National Crime Insurance Bureau.

Our goal is to provide support in filling in the gap that currently exist within each department in the agency in order to better serve the community at large

Law Enforcement Training

Detroit Crime Commission will provide free training to local law enforcement organizations. The DCC will focus on providing training on topics that aren’t normally available through traditional law enforcement training avenues. The Crime Commission just hosted its first training class and is hoping to offer at least one course per quarter.

Update: Landlord Training Coming Soon - Click HERE for more details.

How to Help

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